The medina

The old town, the "Medina" is walled with several gates. The most precious part is the Kasbah where there was the Sultanate, courthouse and where we find the old European and Brazilian consulates since the glorious times when Essaouira was a prosperous trading port.
The geometrical plan of the medina was influenced by European town planning. The quarters are separated by the 2 main axes going from Bab El Menzah to Bab Doukkala and from Bab Marrakech to Bab Al Bahar.
When Mellah Qadim (old) was too small there was a new place for the Jews to live at the north corner of the medina at Bab Doukkala.
Residential areas in Derb Ahl Agadir, Bani Antar and Bouakhir are influenced by traditional Arabic planning with narrow streets and dead end alleys (derbs) and these blocks were inhabited by military contingents,
Including 'abîd al-Bukhârî (the Sultan's Black slave soldiers) and soldiers from Agadir who were permanently stationed in Mogador.