Tijaniya zaouya

The Tijaniyya is a Sufi brotherhood founded by Ahmed Tijani in 1782 in an Algerian oasis. The doctrine of this path would be based on the Quran and the Sunna of Muhammad. It is called Tarîqah Tijâniyya in Arabic, "the Tijanite Way".
His disciples regard the founding Sheikh as the only true master. However, in each country there is a local guide who is regarded as the caliph or representative of the tariqa (tijanie way). Tijaniya is the most widespread Muslim brotherhood in Africa.
The Tijaniya originated around 1781 when Ahmed Tijani, aged 46, during a spiritual retreat in Boussemghoun (Algeria), had a vision, in the waking state of Mahomet, during which he ordered him To abandon all his previous affiliations and promises to be his privileged intercessor, and that of his followers, with God. His order rapidly expanded significantly over the region, causing concern among the diwan authorities in the Kingdom of Algiers. He therefore prepared his exile to the Kingdom of Morocco following the anxieties of the dey of Algiers.