Coranic schools

The coranic schools, called medersas, are part of the Moroccan heritage and represent an inescapable place for the visit of the oldest medina of Morocco. Beyond their mission of education, the medersas of Fez have kept their architecture with a panel of craftsmanship and Moroccan materials. You must plan to visit one of these medersas to understand and appreciate the Muslim culture, the logic of construction and the importance of these places.
Two medersas are very well known in Fez, the school Bou inania and the medersa Attarine. Built like a riad with a central patio, a basin and a fountain, the rooms are around this square to accommodate the students. With one of these two medersas, you will have the pleasure of discovering an exceptional architectural heritage with zelliges, sculpted plaster and worked cedar wood. Fortunately, in the same way as the Medina of Fez these historic places are protected and classified to Unesco.