Moulay ismail stables

Sultan Moulay Ismail was known as one of the more ruthless leaders of Morocco. Slaves created his magnificent visions for the architectural masterpieces that have become popular tourist attractions, and labourers that were often treated inhumanely and suffered under Ismail’s rule. But one of the most impressive memorials to this time has survived in Meknes, namely the Royal Stables.
The Royal Stables in Meknes are an amazing site, as this massive stable yard was constructed to comfortably house no less that 12 000 of the royal horses. Ismail had a great respect and admiration for these gracious animals, even more than he did for his human counterparts. His horses were waited on hand and foot, with a groom and a slave for each horse, to ensure that all their needs were met, stables kept in immaculate condition and his horses being taken care of.