Bab mansour gate

Meknes, garnished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, holds many treasures within its walls.
The first one can be admired even before you enter the imperial city: Bab Mansour. This incredible gate is not only a spectacular example of Almohad architecture but it also holds a unique story behind its construction.
Bab Mansour was actually the last important construction project ordered by Sultan Moulay Ismail. He conceived it not as a defensive stronghold, but as an elaborate homage to himself and to the strong Muslim orthodoxy of his dynasty. The architect behind the great masterpiece was a Christian convert to Islam named Mansour Laalej (whose name translates to “victorious renegade”) who sought to ascend in the sultan’s court.
Legend has it that when the gate was completed Moulay Ismail inspected it and asked Mansour Laalej if he could do better. El Mansour felt compelled to answer “yes”, but this only angered sultan to the point that he had him executed.