Essaouira the mogador

A small seaside town with impressive 18th-century fortifications, Essaouira sits on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, a two-hour drive west of Marrakesh via its new highway. Strong trade winds make it one of the world’s great surf spots, and it has enjoyed a healthy tourist trade since the 1960s, when hippie icons like Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens made high-profile visits. Despite this, Essaouira remains peaceful, quaint, and slow-paced.

Charles Melia was Vigneron at Château de la FONT DU LOUP at CHÂTEAUNEUF DU PAPE since 1977 and keeping the pioneering spirit of his ancestors, he created a new vineyard in Essaouira in 1994.

It will take 4 long years to clear, prune, dig, wells and gradually plant the vineyard, build the cellar, its buildings to realize the property.
Backed by the desert and benefiting from the trade winds, the DOMAINE DU VAL D'ARGAN is the first and only Moroccan vineyard exclusively dedicated to the grape varieties of the Rhone valley.

All the diversity, the richness of the Rhône vineyard is today magnificently represented in the southern Moroccan, new land of great wines.

The cellar has a traditional cellar and an efficient system of thermoregulation, which allows to vinify each wine at the optimum temperature.

A small cellar with barrels is reserved for the breeding of the best cuvées in red and white.

The annual production is in the order of 900 hectolitres, ie 120 000 bottles, stored in our cellar in Essaouira, Morocco