Casablanca the white house

Casablanca is the economic capital of the kingdom of Morocco, also known as Casa or Dar el Baida. It was established as a town in 1906, and is located along the coast of north-western Morocco, the region of Grand Casablanca, with a population close to 3.9 million.


Today, most Moroccan Jews live in Casablanca. It is here that Jewish heritage has been best preserved and, more importantly, is still thriving today. Presently, there are roughly 5,000 Jews living in Casablanca and the city houses over 30 synagogues as well as relevant monuments, communal spaces, cemeteries, shrines and kosher restaurants. Casablanca’s mellah is relatively recent by Moroccan standards as it was only established less than a century ago, but it has played an important role in Jewish history in Morocco in the 20th century. A tour through this modern Jewish Quarter will allow you to discover Temple Beth-El which seats over 500 worshippers, an old food market selling kosher products,... Show more