Bathing rituals are at the heart of traditional Moroccan culture; the physical wellbeing they bring to the body lightens the soul and spirit.

Overtime, I never stopped thinking to my grandmother’s beautiful stories! The one that kept my interest, is certainly, the ritual that followed the hammam she used to have with her mother and sisters!

Today, I created a scenography so our clients can experience the same hammam like our ancestors. Truly, a WOW Emotional Experience.

The experience starts with a luxury spa buyout.

At the heart of the Spa, your first ceremonial will be in an authentic hammam where you will go through a protocol where your mind, body and skin will be purified during a luxury bathing ritual in a hot, mild then cold room. There, among the sounds of soothing water, hazy steam and the vast space surrounding you, will leave you with a true feeling of re-birth.

Then, you will be invited for a relaxing massage that matches your interest and needs.

You will then be escorted to a private lounge where you can lay down on a 1001 nights’ rag and taste seasonal and dry fruits, Moroccan pastry and mint tea, while a musician with his Oud will interpret for you the most famous Arabic songs.

Trust me.
This is the dawning of the age of experience.
The age of experience.