A new venture After 22 amazing years in the luxury hospitality world, i embraced a new venture on the other side of the tourism field as an emotional experience provider. I joined my dear & esteemed friend Jalil Madih, owner of Alizés Travel, a leading DMC established in Morocco since 1992 and converted Marrakech office into an Experience Lab.

How it works? We love meeting clients and partners and rather than talking, we do listen and understand all their needs. Back to the office, we meet with the entire team in our Experience Lab and we start matching and crossing all the data and details collected with our pool of key insiders and places. We have a non-negotiable rule! Each one of us play the devil’s advocate and challenge the rest of the team to eradicate all elements that might impact in a negative way on the trip. We see the project taking shape and growing and a tailor-made travel itinerary see the light.